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vector image for print.

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  1. Moved to NatWest when undertaking a huge expansion of our small company 6 years ago (from Barclays as they were not helpful with our plans). I don’t know why I’ve stuck with them for 6 years, the personal business manager is useless, their customer relations are non existant, their attention to our needs is zero, no calls back, no help whatsover. Don’t waste your time with NatWest. They are hopeless and I’m now going to look elsewhere.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this post, I find it extremely interesting.
    But why do you discourage paypal for a non-side projects? I find difficult to find relevant informations to compare merchant accounts/gateways. Is it just that they apply higher transaction fees? or is there something else?

    Also, being in France, I feel that my options are quite limited if I want to use your service. What other choice than paypal could I have?


  3. Hiya, I was reading a different problem about this on another blog a few minutes ago only. Fascinating perspective you have compared to the other 1 I read earlier but hey, it’s your opinion after all. – And I’m leaning a lot more towards yours, haha. ;)

  4. “You cannot move [the credit card expiration date] forward unless you collect the user’s credit card number again.”
    Actually, Braintree does allow you to change the expiration date without getting the credit card number again.

  5. Great article. I’d just like to add a few things. Setting up a merchant account is not typically a painful experience. It can, however, get tricky with online and/or recurring billing. When Isaac said that the merchant account holder has liability on transactions for several months, technically, it’s the credit card processor that has direct liability. If a cardholder disputes a transaction, the processor has already paid you for the transactions, and unless they can get that money back from you, they are stuck holding the bag. That’s why many processors get uneasy in an online environment because the cardholder is not present at the time of the authorization. They also don’t like recurring billing, because in that scenario, the cardholder’s authorization is not obtained every time you bill them (only the first time you process a payment). They’ll want to see a copy of the agreement you have with your customers, and will also like to see that you’re financially solvent, in the event they need to recoup funds from you because of a cardholder dispute.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I hope to see more in the future.

  6. For obtaining a Merchant Account I see you have recommended Silicon Valley Bank for those in the Bay Area. Do you have any recommendations for Southern California (San Diego, Orange Counties)? Thanks.