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Promote Subscriptions with Coupons and Discounts

Recurly now provides full support for promotions using coupons and discounts. Our simple interface supports percentage and dollar amount discounts on either a recurring or one-time basis, giving your business the flexibility to support multiple promotional scenarios.

After speaking with our customers, we also included other features into our Coupon and Discount implementation:

  • Specify coupon codes and expiration dates – Recurly manages validations and expiration on your behalf.
  • Define the duration of your offer.  (i.e. First three months, Once, or Forever)
  • Specify the maximum number of redemptions or date of expiration.  (i.e. “First 100 sign-ups”, “June 10th, 2012″)
  • Line item coupon discount on invoices
  • Coupon code field on hosted payments pages
  • Selectively apply coupons to individual subscription plans
coupon creation

The Recurly coupon creation interface makes things easy to manage.

The new Recurly coupons code feature makes it easy to test price points and reward your customers with special deals and promotions. For more detailed documentation, visit and We look forward to your feedback about this release!

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  1. Fantastic feedback. We’ll look forward to hearing more from everyone to figure out the best way to extend coupon promotions. We have some thoughts about subscription renewal promotions etc..


  2. It would also be nice if you could generate unique codes per user associated with one coupon class. Such codes would only be redeemable once, so users could not pass them along to others after using themselves.

    In the example above, if you had an option to spawn unique sub-codes based on the master code at a specified quantity, that might solve it. Such subcodes would be one-time usage only. If you use them all, you can generate more by requesting to spawn X more for that particular coupon.

    With things like Groupon, Living Social, and AppSumo becoming moer popular, there will be an increasing need to offer one-time usage unique codes for consumers, without having to generate entirely new coupon sets in the recurly system.

  3. @Ted – I completely agree.
    Unique discount codes would be extremely valuable.
    As you say, the popularity of Groupon, Living Social, AppSumo etc. really validate the need on this front.
    I definitely second this feature request.

  4. Great to see this. Not sure if this has evolved at all. We are looking for a referral/coupon process that will apply an:
    a) 100% off your next order
    and at the same time..
    b) 50% of the account of the mate who passed you the code.

    Is this doable under the existing functionality?