Status Update III - Recovery status

We have been focused 100% on restoring our service for merchants by working with our partners to replenish the partial loss of card data which occurred on Monday.

We have been astounded by the outreach and support from our various payment gateway partners. Heroic efforts have been happening behind the scenes at our partner companies to help us in restoring service for our customers.

We have been resuming recurring billing operations by payment gateway as data has been restored. Here is where we currently stand by gateway partner:


  • Authorize.Net - Paused - Pending legal approval - expect next week
  • Beanstream - Resumed and operational - merchants restored
  • Braintree - Resumed and operational - merchants restored
  • Cybersource - Imports in progress - check email for instructions. Merchants being restored after legal consent
  • First Data - Legal approval forms emailed to merchants - check email
  • Litle & Co. - Resumed and operational - merchants fully restored
  • Merchant eSolutions - Resumed and operational - merchants restored
  • Ogone - Contact Ogone for direct-to-merchant export - then
  • PayPal Payflow Pro - Resumed and operational
  • PayPal Payments Pro - Resumed and operational
  • Recurly Gateway (TSYS) - UPDATE - Data export pending
  • Intuit Payments - Paused - Data export pending
  • SagePay - Paused - Expected to be operational this weekend
  • Wirecard - Resumed and operational


We know the current status of Authorize.Net is of particular concern to a large number of our merchants. We have been making progress with the assistance of various teams within Authorize.Net and Cybersource. We currently have hope that we can get data restored for our merchants next week, but have not yet received confirmation.

For our TSYS (Recurly Gateway) merchants: We don't currently have confirmed acceptance of our request for a card data export on behalf of our merchants. However, we have had several merchants report success in retrieving their own customer card data by contacting TSYS support directly and requesting a direct export.



TSYS has confirmed that they will be supporting a restoration for Recurly Gateway customers currently processing through TSYS. Details will be communicated as further plans and steps are agreed upon.


Before the data imports, we have been able to partially recover card data for the majority of our merchants. Tomorrow, (Saturday, Sept 8th) we will be emailing all customers to inform you of the percentage of your data we have been able to restore through these efforts.

Tools we're developing to assist:

By Monday Sept. 10th, we will have the ability for merchants to export a list of customer accounts by billing card status: meaning, whether you have a credit card, token, or if no billing information is available. This tool will produce a link that you may email to your customers in order for them to update billing information.

We have had hundreds of conversations with customers, and our support team has been working 24/7 to attend to your questions and concerns. Every customer is eager for information related to timing until full restoration (namely of TSYS and Authorize.Net). Even though we are making progress, until we receive a 100% confirmation from our partners regarding timing, we are not able to make estimates with imperfect information. This is stressful for everyone involved, but understand that we're doing everything we can to work constructively and professionally with our partners to create a restoration plan that works within the constraints of proper handling of sensitive card information.

One final note.

We have been moved by the outpouring of support from the card payment community. It is worth calling out exceptional efforts by the companies listed above who have helped our mutual customers restore their billing operations quickly. In particular, Beanstream, Braintree, Cybersource, Merchant e-Solutions, [Update: TSYS], Litle & Co., and First Data, who have rallied to the aid of our merchants.


Dan Burkhart

CEO - Recurly Inc.


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