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We’re constantly looking at ways to improve your user experience.  A few months ago, we rolled out some updates to the Accounts, Transactions, and Coupons pages to support faster page loading, searching and sorting.  Once that was done, it was a natural progression to bring the Invoices and Subscriptions pages up to speed as well.  Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now search, filter, sort and see real-time counts on all four pages in the Customer Service section.  

All Customer Service pages support searching by the following fields:

  • Account code

  • Company name

  • Email address on the account

  • First name, last name on the account

  • Username on the account

Each individual page also lets you search on additional fields. Please see the documentation for the accounts, invoices, subscriptions and transactions pages for more details.

While we worked on these pages, we also improved the filters (the links on the left-hand side that enable you to filter results by category) so that the counts are now updated based on the results of your search as well as any selected filters. Furthermore, we created a more uniform experience across the Customer Service pages.  On each page, you can now filter based on relevant categories, and each filter has hover text to describe what it is filtering on.

You may be wondering why we made those changes to the Subscriptions page. The simple reason is we wanted to present subscription data that you could easily and quickly use.  We made each filter on the Subscriptions page mutually exclusive, so you can see a count of how many subscribers you have in each stage of the subscriber lifecycle. You can also quickly view which of your subscriptions are renewing, starting in the future, on their last renewal, canceled or expired. Furthermore, we added a second level that allows you to see, for each of these states, who is in a trial period vs. who is paying.

By providing a complete, real-time snapshot of all your subscriptions, we hope these changes improve your experience using Recurly. If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at support@recurly.com.


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