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Back to School with Recurly: Introducing Learning Paths

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In developing Recurly, we strive to solve real problems with a comprehensive solution, but without sacrificing ease of use.

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Subscriber Retention and Understanding Involuntary vs. Voluntary Churn

The Importance of Churn

Every e-commerce site should be aware of the importance of churn, and how devastating it can be on a business. Measuring and reducing churn is paramount to successfully scaling your company. While reducing churn is easier said than done, there are standard measures you can take to help reduce it. Fundamentally, churn boils down to your product - how sticky it is and how robust your offering is compared to others in the space. It also has to do with your industry. Some segments, like box of the month, experience higher churn 10.54% than SaaS, which hovers around 4.79%.  

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Recurly’s Account Updater Fights Churn in the Background

Failed transactions are an everyday part of e-commerce. As a merchant, the last thing you want to see is the error message ‘card declined.’ On average, B2C and B2B can expect a failed transaction rate of approximately 11.5%. One of the most common decline reasons is outdated card information. That’s an enormous amount of revenue left on the table for such an easy issue to fix. 

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