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A Deeper Dive Into 3-D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication

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compliance PSD2

In this blog post, we’ll dive more deeply into the mechanics of 3-D Secure (3DS2) and Strong Customer Authorization (SCA), the two main—and related—requirements of the new PSD2 regulation. We’ll discuss the various parties and their interactions in order to provide higher-level context into where your subscription business fits into the overall scheme and how Recurly will help to facilitate the authentication process.

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Recurly API v2.6 and Lower: Deprecation and End of Life

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API Recurly Technology deprecation

In March, we discussed how Recurly approaches the maintenance of our API, including changes, updates, performance improvements and other essentials that minimize friction and provide a top-notch development experience. API consumers who implement continuous API upgrades are afforded a variety of advantages, which our previous blog outlined and which we encourage you to review.

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Capturing Value and Managing Change in API Ecosystems

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API developers

In today’s fast-moving world, software platforms are in a constant state of evolution, and their associated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) must move along in lock step. Changes and updates often include the launch of new features, in addition to squashed bugs, performance improvements, and security enhancements. As such, it is essential for API providers and consumers to ensure they’re both following best practices related to API updates.

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