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Revenue Recovery: What Has Recurly Recovered for Me Lately?

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New Features Operations ROI

Recurly's revenue recovery functionality has always provided merchants with peace of mind in reducing credit card declines, expired cards and other issues related to collecting recurring invoices.  Even so, merchants frequently ask, "What has Recurly recovered for me lately?"  Now, merchants can have that information right at their fingertips.

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Announcing: Recurly + Integrations

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Integrations analytics

A wealth of information exists in Recurly, making it a logical step to provide dashboards and reports to serve the analytics needs of our merchants. Early in 2014, we began down the path ourselves, building and socializing a minimum viable product (MVP) dashboard. We worked closely with a group of customers to gather feedback and put what we learned into a beta version. Continue Reading

A better customer service experience

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Billing New Features

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve your user experience.  A few months ago, we rolled out some updates to the Accounts, Transactions, and Coupons pages to support faster page loading, searching and sorting.  Once that was done, it was a natural progression to bring the Invoices and Subscriptions pages up to speed as well.  Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now search, filter, sort and see real-time counts on all four pages in the Customer Service section.  

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