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Introducing Usage-Based Billing for Modern Subscription Management

Think about the last time you paid your electric bill. How were you charged? Chances are the amount you paid depends on the number of kilowatt-hours you consumed the previous month.

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How to Create an Effective SaaS Pricing Strategy

Software as a Service or SaaS has been around since the 1960s when the model we know today as “cloud computing” or “SaaS” was simply called a “time-sharing system.” But it wasn’t until the dotcom boom of the 1990s that the SaaS business model took off and CRM, payroll, and accounting software all exploded in popularity. Since then the growth in this industry has been nothing short of astounding - according to Transparency Market Research (TMC), the overall SaaS market will reach $164.29 billion by 2022. 

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Recurly Announces Three New Quantity-Based Pricing Models

In modern business, companies are constantly experimenting with their pricing strategy to support their growth and changing market conditions. In the world of subscriptions, pricing continues to be a focus to optimize revenue and ensure subscribers are getting the value they are paying for. Recurly has enabled our merchants to experiment using different plans with a fixed price per unit. This works well for purchases with lower quantities but leaves the opportunity to discount and upsell subscribers to higher quantities. 

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Recurly + Zendesk for an Improved Subscriber Experience

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Recurly is excited to announce our newest integration, with Zendesk, a leading customer service SaaS solution. Many of our customers use Zendesk Chat and Support to handle communications with subscribers at all stages of their lifecycle. With the ability to see subscribers details and refund, pause, or cancel a subscription directly from the Zendesk interface, you’ll save time and provide great service to your subscribers. 

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