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Recurly-FastTrack-IT-BlogImageHaving proven its appeal to both businesses and consumers, more and more companies are adopting the subscription model as a better way to provide access to their products or services, all the while generating consistent, recurring revenue. It’s a win-win for both subscribers and the business—which is why subscriptions are one of the fastest-growing categories in e-commerce.

But compared to traditional e-commerce, the subscription model is far more complex. Becauses of this, businesses seeking to launch a subscription business or add a subscription component to their existing revenue stream need to ensure they’ve chosen a subscription commerce platform that will support their growth and success. Having the right platform makes subscription billing a competitive advantage.

The right platform ensures streamlined recurring billing and payments, payment continuity, and efficient management of subscriber upgrades, downgrades, and add-ons. It also meets or exceeds all security guidelines and mandates, to ensure customer information is safe. Finance and accounting teams will appreciate having a subscription platform that support accurate financial reporting and one that includes automated tools for revenue recognition and other required financial reporting.

The platform should be nimble, flexible, highly scalable, and responsive to customer and market demands. It should provide a rich set of features and functionalities but still be easy to use. And it should be designed for lightweight integration options, to reduce the impact on developers.

Ultimately, if your subscribers’ payments are successful and their billing experience hassle-free, subscribers are less likely to churn—a key component of subscription success.  

A platform that meets and even exceeds these fundamental requirements will help maximize subscription revenue, unleashing a robust, fast-scaling business. To learn more, download Recurly’s new e-book, “Getting on the Fast Track to Subscription Revenue” and unlock the keys to your subscription business success.

Or, to speak to one of our subscription experts directly, give us a call at (844) 732-8759


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