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Recurly-Recovered-Revenue-Calculator-BlogImage.pngSubscription-based businesses strive to do many things: delight their customers, further their mission, grow and expand. Subscription businesses work hard for their revenue, much of which is paid via credit cards, which present a risk—the risk of failed transactions which are the enemy of growth due to the churn they cause.

Recurly merchants however have an advantage: our Account Updater tool and our sophisticated retry logic which help to recover significant revenue for our merchants. And now, we have a new resource to help subscription-based businesses better estimate how much revenue Recurly could be recovering for them: our Recovered Revenue Calculator.

This interactive, online calculator is available here. Visitors simply need to enter their annual revenue, select their merchant type (B2B, B2C, or both), and complete a short form. The tool then calculates and displays how much revenue their subscription business can expect to recover by using Recurly. The number shown is a range, based on the information provided and Recurly’s own comprehensive data on the revenue we’ve already successfully recovered for our merchants.  

Our data indicates that we’ve been able to recover, on average, 5-9 percent of a merchant’s annual revenue—a significant amount of money which would otherwise have been lost due to failed transactions. Recurly merchants see how much revenue we recovered for them each month in their monthly invoice.

For recurring transactions, this number merely represents the money recovered from individual transactions. It does not capture the potential loss of all future revenue from that customer if they end up churning. In this way, Recurly’s recovery process also helps to reduce churn: failed transactions, if not repaired, can lead to a permanent loss of that customer and their revenue.   

Because we know how critical it is for subscription-based business to minimize churn, visitors  who get an estimate of how much revenue they could recover by using Recurly will also receive our free churn kit. This kit contains valuable information and resources to help merchants combat churn in their recurring revenue business.

How much revenue could you recover for your subscription-based business, if you used Recurly? Try our new calculator and find out!


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