How to Maximize Recovered Revenue in Recurly

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Recovered Revenue

Have you seen a lot of discussion on this site about recovered revenue? Recovered revenue is revenue that Recurly “saves” by automatically fixing credit card declines. Monitoring_Churn_r1_v2How do we do it? That’s the subject of a series of blog posts I’ll be writing over the next few weeks.

If you’re already a Recurly customer, use these blog posts to improve your recovered revenue. If you're not (yet) a customer, check out these posts to get a better idea of what Recurly can do for you.

Recovered revenue is core to Recurly’s benefits and functionality. On average, Recurly merchants recover about 7% of their revenue – money that might have been lost otherwise. This is before recovery resulting from dunning emails, which adds a couple of additional points of recovery to the typical account. And there's a further bonus: avoiding credit card declines helps you cut churn as well.

This blog series will talk about how to maximize recovered revenue with simple configuration changes - no developers needed! - that can end up having a big impact on your bottom line.

Note: If you’re a Recurly customer, you can check your current recovered revenue now. Use the Invoices Summary export and sum up the “invoice_total” column for all the invoices that have an entry in the “Recovery Reason” field. There’s your recovered revenue! For a more detailed description, go here.

Find out your current credit card declines and recovered revenue. Then let’s watch your numbers improve in the coming weeks as we cover:

  • Account Updater. This makes a big difference, especially for B2C companies. Here’s a description and Recurly CEO Dan Burkhart’s post on Account Updater results.

  • Dunning timing. This determines how long you reach out to customers after a declined charge that Recurly hasn’t recovered yet. A longer retry cycle gives Recurly’s automatic retries more time to work as well.

  • Dunning email content. You get to customize the dunning emails that Recurly sends to customers for you. We’ll give you tips on how to make them more effective.

  • Analyzing the results. What have you accomplished? Is there more you can do? We’ll help you understand your initial and final results.

I look forward to taking all of you through the many ways to use Recurly to maximize your recovered revenue.

And, Recurly customers: If you’re looking for a 1:1 session on your current recovered revenue and how to improve it, let’s talk.


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