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SubscriptionTrends_2x_Purple.pngAccording to a new report by Worldpay, 13% of the world’s shoppers are “Super Shoppers.” They earn that distinction by shopping more frequently and spending far more extravagantly than the rest of us. Eighty-five percent of Super-Shoppers make a purchase at least once a week, and 15 percent do so daily. Perhaps they’re shopaholics or maybe just curating a collection of some kind. What drives their shopping habits is undoubtedly difficult to discern. But we do know one thing about them, from a payments perspective: they prefer credit cards.

The Worldpay report found that this group of shoppers, regardless of how common the use of credit cards may or may not be in their own geographic market, consistently prefer to use credit cards over all other payment methods. This makes them very different from the shoppers who prefer to pay using Paypal, Amazon, or ACH.

Casey Bullock, general manager of North America and Global eCommerce at Worldpay, comments that, "the remarkably consistent buying behavior of these Super-Shoppers across markets is a very interesting phenomenon for online retailers. It suggests that retailers should be looking at these consumers as a distinct group that often behaves very differently from the rest of their customers. For example, their high use of credit cards in markets where these cards have little or no traction among the general population means that a retailer who doesn't support the full range of payment methods could actually be losing major revenue without noticing.”

Recurly offers several payment options to our customers, including of course credit cards. In fact, we are optimized for credit card transactions, including ways to correct failed payments and reduce churn. To visit Worldpay’s Pay That Way interactive site, follow this link.


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