Recurly’s Annual List of Top Ten Trends, 2017 Edition

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As the subscription model continues to expand its share of the e-commerce market, more and more businesses see the revenue opportunities the model entails. Whether it’s subscription handbags or study aids, charitable giving or video streaming, businesses both established and upstart are adding a subscription component to the mix—or jumping in wholesale, having chosen the subscription model as the best way to meet their customers’ needs and desires.

And with just 35 days left until the New Year—in addition to thoughts of the holidays and well-earned vacation—subscription business professionals are thinking about what 2017 will bring. Within the realm of subscription revenue, what are the trends that might help them enlarge their slice of the subscription e-commerce pie in the coming year?

For example...

  • Will e-commerce growth continue its trouncing of brick and mortar in the battle for consumer dollars?
  • What strategies will be key to the greater acceptance of mobile payments?
  • Will the OTT market continue to expand and if so, by how much?
  • And what in 2017 will bring about greater adoption of the Internet of Things?

The answer to these questions and more can be found in Recurly’s Top Ten Trends for 2017. This list—compiled with input from various Recurly experts and our knowledge of the subscription, e-commerce, and payments space—may be the definitive subscription trends list for 2017. Read it and see how you can develop new strategies for your subscription business—in order to vanquish your competition in 2017.  


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