Recurly's Item Catalog Now Provides More Flexibility When Structuring Subscription Offerings

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Since we introduced the Recurly Item Catalog feature earlier this year, merchants have enjoyed the ability to manage, track, and analyze all the items they have for sale in a single place. 

We quickly realized that offering flexible, highly personalized subscriptions to your customers could still be complicated, even with the efficiency of selling products or services from a catalog. Because all possible items needed to be configured on each plan in order to be available for purchase on subscriptions to those plans, an additional layer of plan management was necessary.

Today, we’re extending the functionality of Item Catalog by enabling merchants to configure item add-ons directly on subscriptions. This new enhancement streamlines the process of offering highly customized subscriptions and simplifies the configuration of plans and add-ons. 

Now, you can build dynamic subscription offerings for each of your customers without having to define a plan for every unique offering or product combination. With one plan for each billing cadence, all the items in your Item Catalog (current and future) can be made available on a plan with a single click. You’ll configure the specific items included in a customer’s individual subscription only when that subscription is created.

Let’s walk through an example.

Say you sell a suite of pet care products and services, and customers can choose to receive any of them via a recurring subscription. Now, instead of having to specify the availability of each offering as an add-on for each plan, as long as these products and services are listed in your Item Catalog, you can make them all available for subscription in one click.

By adding items from your Recurly Item Catalog directly to your customers’ subscriptions, you can:

  • Save time creating plans by no longer needing to create a plan for each offering or configure every item that is available to purchase on the plan

  • Save time creating and managing subscriptions by consolidating all offerings with the same billing cadence into a single subscription

  • Easily release new offerings because they will automatically be available for purchase on applicable plans

  • Optimize pricing and packaging by easily testing different ways of selling add-ons

  • Streamline integrations with external ecommerce platforms by aligning object architectures

If you think this would be a great fit for your business model, please contact Recurly Support so they can enable this feature on your site! Additional information is available in our Item Catalog documentation.

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