The Service That Added $6.4 Billion to Amazon’s Sales in 2016

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The holiday season has Black Friday and Cyber Monday as its notable shopping days, from which retailers hope to score big. Black Friday shoppers hit the stores, while Cyber Monday shoppers open up their internet browsers, all in search of a deal.

But the holidays are still a long way off. Fortunately, the summer offers up a new and different day for shoppers seeking significant bargains: Amazon Prime Day, which claims to have “more deals than Black Friday.” The event, starting on July 10th,  offers deals in a wide in virtually every category. Rumors are that this annual event, now in its third year, will span longer than a single day, with some deals lasting as long as a full week. This is undoubtedly to give more shoppers more time to make more purchases (and likely to ease some of the burden on Amazon’s end as well).

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