New Research on Subscriber Acquisition Methods and Results

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Benchmark data is an invaluable resource. It can help businesses make better-informed decisions and provide an objective means to gauge business performance. Recurly has unique and valuable access to comprehensive data and metrics that can help subscription businesses make those critical decisions.

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Reducing Friction Supports Customer and Revenue Growth

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion famously states that an object in motion will stay in motion. Similarly, you can think of the subscription model like a force that is always in motion, sustained by the subscriber lifecycle and recurring revenue. At critical points during the subscriber lifecycle, businesses are reliant on these elements to keep their business moving forward.

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Using Data to Identify & Acquire Your Most Profitable Subscribers

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At the highest level, three major hallmarks of a strong subscription model are:

  • predictable revenue
  • customer loyalty, and
  • the ability to harness a wealth of data for valuable subscriber insights

Predictable revenue and customer loyalty are key because, unlike traditional transactional billing models, subscription businesses frequently incur greater expense upfront to acquire subscribers. The payback on that acquisition cost happens over the subscriber’s lifetime. 

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Optimizing Your Subscription Business with Data-Driven Insights

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Subscription businesses continually need to optimize. They work to design their plans and pricing to best meet the needs of their customers and their business. They try to reduce friction and boost loyalty, all in the service of maximizing customer satisfaction and business revenue. They seek to acquire and retain customers with the greatest LTV, while at the same time, keeping their customer acquisition costs down. And then they seek to improve everything each month! It’s a never ending process.

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Using Recurly Data to Fight Churn

In our previous post in this series, we talked about the difference between cancellation and churn. The post outlined the different actions you can take when a customer cancels to try to prevent them from churning and how Recurly helps to identify these customers.

Because we know you can’t prevent all churn, we want to talk about ways to analyze your subscriber churn rate to surface insights that you can then act upon. In particular:

  • Where does your churn rate stand in comparison to your competitors and/or to the market as a whole?
  • What are some of the meaningful data points related to churn that provide actionable intelligence?
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How Recurly Calculates MRR: What Subscription Businesses Need to Know

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If you bill on a recurring basis, you likely already know the importance of tracking Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Recurly calculates this all-important subscription metric for your business as part of our Analytics offerings. While the MRR Analytics Report is the most viewed report in our product, it’s also the report that generates the most questions.

Knowing the importance this metric plays in your business, we want to be as clear and straightforward as possible about how Recurly Analytics MRR is calculated and what new calculation options are available to you so you can get the most value from this key metric.

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Recurly Analytics for Competitive Advantage

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It has been said that you can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. For subscription businesses, even if they have data, they often do not have ready access to the kind of data that allows them to optimize their business. But with meaningful data, marketing teams and others can formulate strategies that will give their business a competitive advantage in what are often crowded markets.

Recurly is pleased to launch Recurly Analytics which provides relevant, actionable data so that our customers can continually monitor the health of their subscription business. As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” and our Analytics gives our customers the information they need to continually refine their subscription business to make sure it’s performing optimally.

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Recurly Analytics for Actionable Insights

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For any business, there are untold secrets and insights hidden in their data. Many times, in order to discover these secrets, marketing and business teams have to become detectives, searching for clues to uncover the hidden motivations of their customers, the evidence in the data for what’s working (or what’s not) in their product or service offerings, and what factors influence the success of their business. Sometimes after great effort, these secrets are revealed. Other times, the data just doesn’t exist to provide more than cursory clues.

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Planning Ahead for That Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s a little known fact that the idea of celebrating “Christmas in July” began in 1914 amongst a group of Vaudeville performers living in Freeport, New York. Far too busy travelling and performing in December to enjoy the holiday season, celebrating in July made perfect sense! Fast forward 100 years or so and there’s still a group of people who in the summer months are thinking about the winter holiday season: retailers.

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Live Webinar: Optimizing Your Subscription Business with Data-driven Insights

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Subscription management serves as the nexus for your most powerful business data: billing, marketing, and data related to customer events. This session will show you how to unlock the power of subscription data to speed business decisions, optimize revenue, and improve customer lifetime value.

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