New Research Provides Insights on the SaaS industry

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While many statistical trends apply to all subscription businesses, it’s important to also understand the unique challenges different subscription industries face. For example, how best to structure one’s product offerings, what discounts if any should be given to customers willing to commit long-term, and what role does pricing play?

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New Subscriber Churn Benchmarks and Why Managing Churn Is Critical

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In the last few weeks, the headlines around subscription commerce have centered on two main players: Moviepass and The New York Times.

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Comparative Churn Data to Gauge the Health of Your Business

Because it can so negatively impact monthly recurring revenue, customer churn is something that subscription businesses take very seriously. Churn is an important concern as it takes away from the hard-fought efforts to acquire and retain customers. Because of this impact on revenue and subscriber numbers, a subscription business’ monthly churn rate is an indicator of the health of the business, and it should be monitored closely.

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Using Recurly Data to Fight Churn

In our previous post in this series, we talked about the difference between cancellation and churn. The post outlined the different actions you can take when a customer cancels to try to prevent them from churning and how Recurly helps to identify these customers.

Because we know you can’t prevent all churn, we want to talk about ways to analyze your subscriber churn rate to surface insights that you can then act upon. In particular:

  • Where does your churn rate stand in comparison to your competitors and/or to the market as a whole?
  • What are some of the meaningful data points related to churn that provide actionable intelligence?
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