The Latest Trends in E-Commerce Subscriptions

Sales of physical products in e-commerce are experiencing sustained growth. According to industry-expert, Mary Meeker, the market has experienced double-digit growth each year since 2008.  

Because of the intensely competitive nature of e-commerce, businesses seek any advantage that might give them an edge over their competition. For example, some businesses are able to leverage a unique brand persona and sell directly to consumers, bypassing middlemen and their added fees. They use technology to enable this strategy.

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Silicon Valley Bank Meetup Recap: Discussing Trends in Subscription Commerce

On Wednesday evening of last week, Silicon Valley Bank hosted a lively meetup with Recurly at the Bank’s San Francisco office. The event was attended by a highly-engaged group of subscription commerce companies gathered to discuss best practices and the growth of the hybrid model.

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From Art to Science, Subscription Boxes Fill the Bill

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Trends Box of the month

One of the early subscription services that took off and became very popular very quickly is the box of the month. Early entrants include Dollar Shave Club, BirchBox, Loot Crate, BarkBox, Quarterly, and others. These services can be put into three broad categories: Replenishment, Sampling, and Curation.

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Convenience and Curation: Subscription Boxes Deliver the Goods

Admit it. You or your business have been thinking about launching a box of the month. And why not? It’s one of the most successful subscription models for consumer-facing businesses! Some of the most popular box categories are fashion, beauty samples, organic food, eco products, and kids’ crafts and activities. There’s also boxes for daily needs, such as coffee, tea, razors, socks, and underwear.  

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