Strategies for Improving the Subscriber Checkout Experience

We’ve all been there: waiting in line at the grocery store with one item behind someone with twenty. It’s frustrating. The checkout process in e-commerce can be frustrating too, and subscription businesses should do all they can to optimize and streamline this process for their subscribers. Why? Because eliminating friction from the checkout experience is a best practice and can increase conversions. What are some ways to do this?

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Recurly Announces Support for Japanese Yen

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New Features Currency Japanese Yen

Japan: a country steeped in tradition but exceedingly modern, with a storied history and a thriving economy (the world’s third-largest!). Most of us also associate Japan with its unique pop culture, epitomized by the global icon that is Hello Kitty (along with the lesser-known Mumitan); anime and cosplay; novelty cafes; and unusual vending machines.

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New Support for the South African Rand

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Payment Gateway Currency

South Africa. Land of untold riches, abundant natural resources, breathtaking nature and a dynamic culture. Are you already serving customers in this vibrant nation?

Now, Recurly merchants doing business in South Africa will be able to process their transactions in the South African Rand (ZAR) using Cybersource or Worldpay. Read on to learn more about South Africa’s demographics, economy, and how it may be poised for tremendous growth.  

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Recurly Product Update #2: Payments

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New Features Currency Product Update Payments ACH

In our last post, we told you about the changes we’ve made or which are in process for some of our accounting and finance functions. In this post, we want to talk about some new and upcoming features in Payments.

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Recurly Adds Singapore Dollar (SGD) Support

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Payment Gateway New Features Currency

Seamlessly Tap Into the Dynamic Singapore Market

To effectively capture a slice of the Singapore market, businesses need to understand the differences between Western and Asian consumers.  Today, Recurly is happy to announce local businesses in Singapore can now process their transactions in Singapore Dollars (SGD) using Braintree or Cybersource.  To learn more about the currencies we support, check out Payment Gateways.  In the meantime, read on to learn about the growth opportunities in Singapore, the world’s largest startup. Continue Reading

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