Snowflake + Recurly: A Match Made in the Cloud

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It’s no secret that companies of all sizes and in every industry consider data a must-have. If you’re able to take full advantage of the data you have on hand, you can gain deeper insights into the state of the business, make better decisions at a faster clip, and increase your operational efficiency.

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Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report

Subscription Billing Benchmark Report 

The unique challenges that come with a subscription business are many. From churn and decline rates to revenue recovery, the obstacles are all too real. Recurly is in the business of making subscriptions a competitive advantage for our merchants and to this end, our business analysts and data scientists at Recurly Research have compiled a comprehensive set of subscription billing metrics in our Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report. 

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Comparative Churn Data to Gauge the Health of Your Business

Because it can so negatively impact monthly recurring revenue, customer churn is something that subscription businesses take very seriously. Churn is an important concern as it takes away from the hard-fought efforts to acquire and retain customers. Because of this impact on revenue and subscriber numbers, a subscription business’ monthly churn rate is an indicator of the health of the business, and it should be monitored closely.

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