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These days, any e-commerce offering has international potential: if customers from other nations are able to complete their purchase, the business is operating “globally.” But there’s much more that a subscription business can and should do to foster and grow its international market. Supporting international currencies and payment methods, and complying with different countries’ tax requirements are critical to serving a global audience. Subscribers also expect a company’s online presence to be localized, especially checkout and payment pages.

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Increase Customer Retention and Expand Globally With New Multilingual Emails

Global marketing involves more than simply selling a product in other countries. You need to speak to subscribers in their preferred language and ensure that their experience signing up and paying for your subscription product or service is streamlined and optimized.

Recurly is pleased to announce support for 11 different languages and 22 dialects* in customer emails. By providing localized transactional emails, Recurly merchants can send email to their subscribers in the language they prefer. Recurly also provides localized checkout pages based on the location of the customer’s browser and the primary language associated with that location.

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