Convenience and Mobile Commerce Expected to Drive Holiday Sales This Season

A new report by eMarketer predicts that e-commerce sales may jump by over 16% this year. The report credits growth in mobile sales along with intensifying competition between large retailers and marketplaces for the increase. Mobile commerce, particularly via smartphones, has been a powerful force all year, with eMarketer predicting that mobile commerce will have risen by 58% by year’s end, compared to 2016.

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Planning Ahead for That Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s a little known fact that the idea of celebrating “Christmas in July” began in 1914 amongst a group of Vaudeville performers living in Freeport, New York. Far too busy travelling and performing in December to enjoy the holiday season, celebrating in July made perfect sense! Fast forward 100 years or so and there’s still a group of people who in the summer months are thinking about the winter holiday season: retailers.

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