Strategies for Improving the Subscriber Checkout Experience

We’ve all been there: waiting in line at the grocery store with one item behind someone with twenty. It’s frustrating. The checkout process in e-commerce can be frustrating too, and subscription businesses should do all they can to optimize and streamline this process for their subscribers. Why? Because eliminating friction from the checkout experience is a best practice and can increase conversions. What are some ways to do this?

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Five Recurly.js enhancements to improve the mobile checkout experience

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Card Hosted Fields imageCustomers have come to expect convenience, simplicity, and speed when completing activities online. This expectation is especially true when shopping and completing purchases on a mobile device.

With cart abandonment rates for mobile devices topping 85% last year, and the average across device types at over 77%, merchants have an opportunity to increase revenue by offering the best mobile checkout experience possible. Businesses must scrutinize their mobile flow to ensure that they are maximizing revenue and reducing cart abandonment. This is especially important for subscription commerce where a merchant doesn't just lose a single sale, they lose an entire stream of revenue from future subscription renewals.

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