How Pausing & Postponing Subscriptions Can Retain Subscribers in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has penetrated nearly every aspect of our lives and there is no precedence or template for how to respond to this ever-changing situation. Consumers are challenged with layoffs, shelter in place and quarantine orders, plus struggling with how to work from home while juggling the needs of their daily lives.

Showing empathy and providing flexible access to your products and services is critical right now. 

In this post, we’ll provide two highly effective options to help retain subscribers in these uncertain times: pause a subscription and postpone a subscription.

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Addressing Seasonality in Your Subscription Business

Software as a Service—also known as the SaaS model—was one of the earliest adopters of the subscription model concept. There are, of course, a multitude of compelling, strategic reasons to adopt a subscription model based on access rather than ownership: more predictable recurring revenue streams (and compounding revenue); improved subscriber experience and greater subscriber loyalty; access to more consistent data from the confluence of marketing, customer, and billing events; and easier inventory management. 

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