Ditch Those Spreadsheets and Improve Revenue Recognition

In the best of circumstances, financial reporting can be a complicated and sometimes difficult task. Accuracy is critical but not always easy to achieve. Subscription-based businesses face added challenges in accurately recognizing revenue. The business may have different billing models with different terms, have numerous customer upgrades and downgrades that need to be accurately calculated, along with many other customer events each month which affect billing. And many high-velocity B2C companies will process a huge volume of transactions throughout the month. All this makes for a complicated daily revenue-recognition process.

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Recurly for QuickBooks Online: Streamline Your Accounting Process

In order to give our customers access to best-in-class applications in both subscription billing and accounting, Recurly has integrated with QuickBooks Online. Our integration will give you the ability to accelerate your month-end close process, automate your revenue accounting flow, and eliminate manual processes.

The QuickBooks brand is synonymous with entry-level business accounting and bookkeeping. While the QuickBook brand may be perceived as entry-level, anecdotal evidence, however, suggests that QuickBooks is used by companies with as much as $20M-$40M in revenue—underlining the stickiness of accounting software.

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