Recurly's Item Catalog Now Provides More Flexibility When Structuring Subscription Offerings

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Since we introduced the Recurly Item Catalog feature earlier this year, merchants have enjoyed the ability to manage, track, and analyze all the items they have for sale in a single place. 

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What are Recurring Payments and Subscription Billing?

If you’re wondering if recurring payments and subscription billing are right for your business, consider this: How often do you think of your business as a one-off sale? 

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Recurly Announces Three New Quantity-Based Pricing Models

In modern business, companies are constantly experimenting with their pricing strategy to support their growth and changing market conditions. In the world of subscriptions, pricing continues to be a focus to optimize revenue and ensure subscribers are getting the value they are paying for. Recurly has enabled our merchants to experiment using different plans with a fixed price per unit. This works well for purchases with lower quantities but leaves the opportunity to discount and upsell subscribers to higher quantities. 

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Subscription Commerce Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Subscription commerce has been undergoing epic growth year after year and shows no sign of slowing down. Subscription commerce is clearly here to stay. As the industry continues to mature, the space continues to get more evolved and sophisticated.

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Subscription Commerce Cyber Monday Recap

Over the past number of years, Thanksgiving weekend has turned into an all-out ‘deal-apalooza’ with merchants offering discounts galore that begin earlier and earlier each year. Cyber Monday fell one week later this year, on December 2nd (compared to November 26th in 2018). This means consumers have only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get all their holiday shopping done. And subscription businesses too have a similarly compressed timeframe in which to make their revenue goals for the year.

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Event Recap: Foundermade’s Consumer Discovery Show

Last Wednesday, Oct. 16th, Recurly attended Foundermade’s Consumer Discovery Show West. This show had its origins as a networking event which eventually evolved into an annual conference that hundreds of breakthrough brands attend in order to showcase their products and their expertise in growing a small business. 

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The Holy Grail of Subscription Commerce

These days, most entrepreneurs and investors are quite clear about the merits of the subscription model. From a business perspective, recurring revenue is a wonderful concept. When a subscription business is firing on all cylinders, recurring revenue compounds beyond the costs of customer acquisition, and the world is the proprietor’s oyster.

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