The Internet of Things and the Transformational Power of Data

The Internet of Things is transforming how we live, work, and play. Beyond the familiar ‘smart’ devices in our homes, such as thermostats and fitness trackers, the Internet of Things (IoT) has applications in a wide-ranging realm. There are devices that can find our lost phones and luggage, monitor our heart rates and blood pressure, tell us when our cars need maintenance, help manage traffic when we drive, and help make our manufacturing sector and our cities more efficient. The web of connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things promises to bring convenience, efficiency, cost savings, peace of mind, improving our lives in any number of ways.

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The Holy Grail of Subscription Commerce

These days, most entrepreneurs and investors are quite clear about the merits of the subscription model. From a business perspective, recurring revenue is a wonderful concept. When a subscription business is firing on all cylinders, recurring revenue compounds beyond the costs of customer acquisition, and the world is the proprietor’s oyster.

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