How Recurly Uses Machine Learning to Reduce Transaction Declines

One of the significant benefits of subscription commerce is the amount of data and related insights this model generates compared to one-time purchases. New data related to marketing, payments, and customer lifecycle events is generated regularly, at each new billing cycle. This data is invaluable for gaining insights and making decisions that help you to optimize your business.

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How Data Science Work Reveals Hidden Trends in Payment Success Rates

In a previous blog post, we outlined how Recurly uses machine learning in our Revenue Optimization Engine to predict transaction success and maximize your revenue. This unique Recurly technology is an example of how machine learning, if handled correctly, can be a powerful tool for preventing involuntary churn. 

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Minimizing the Impact of Declined Transactions

In today's blog post, we'll explore best practices to minimize the impact of declined transactions. We’ll also share tips for benchmarking and iterating on site configurations to improve transaction decline recovery and drive revenue.

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