Welcome to the New Recurly UI!

Thanks to all the fantastic feedback we’ve received from customers, we’re putting the final touches on the new Recurly UI design! Your comments have been instrumental in guiding our efforts towards making our interface more intuitive and efficient, and based on your feedback, we’ve made all kinds of improvements. If you’ve recently logged into your Recurly account, you’ve noticed that the updated design has become the default view. If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience the updated look yet, please log in to your account and check it out!

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Music Streaming’s Summer of Love, Uncertainty, and Potential

All summer, there’s been plenty of buzz around streaming services and the impact these have had on the music industry.  Sure enough, people have streamed more than 1 trillion songs just in the first half of this year.  Whether you’re a digital content provider or running a subscription-based business, the changes in the music industry provide some worthwhile lessons.

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Recurly Adds Singapore Dollar (SGD) Support

Seamlessly Tap Into the Dynamic Singapore Market

To effectively capture a slice of the Singapore market, businesses need to understand the differences between Western and Asian consumers.  Today, Recurly is happy to announce local businesses in Singapore can now process their transactions in Singapore Dollars (SGD) using Braintree or Cybersource.  To learn more about the currencies we support, check out Payment Gateways.  In the meantime, read on to learn about the growth opportunities in Singapore, the world’s largest startup. Continue Reading

Niche Content: The Future of Streaming Video

The world of streaming video content has grown significantly as consumers look to complement with and in many cases transition away from traditional cable television. By now, we’re familiar with mainstream players that serve a broad audience including Dish’s Sling TV, HBO, and Showtime to name a few.  However, as their needs and preferences continue to change, viewers crave the option to customize their content. And that’s where the future of streaming video lies: niche content.    

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Building for Mobile? Let Recurly Get You There

For those of you not living under your rotary phone (pics please!), you have probably noticed that more and more consumers are now conducting more transactions directly from their mobile devices. In fact, the latest data from Adyen notes that mobile now accounts for 28.7% of all online payments.  Another report from MEF found that 66% of mobile media users conducted some form of mobile transaction.

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E-sports: Cutting the Cord for Video Games

What do you people enjoy watching more than basketball and baseball? Would you believe it’s watching other people playing video games?  Seriously.  Dubbed e-sports, competitive gameplay in video games has gone from niche to near-mainstream sport in just a decade. According to gaming research group SuperData, the worldwide e-sports market has more than 134 million viewers with $612 million in worldwide revenues.  Led by market leader Amazon’s Twitch, it’s not surprising to see live game tournaments with more than 200,000 Internet viewers.

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Enrich Your Integration Experience with Our New Developer Documentation

Integrating with Recurly’s API just became even easier thanks to our updated Developer Documentation at Recurly's developer hub. Processing $1 billion in transactions each month for our customers is predicated on our merchant’s ability to integrate seamlessly with Recurly’s powerful subscription billing tools. To this end, we have refreshed our documentation, enhanced our design, and added several new features that should enrich your integration experience.

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Comic Books Find Superhero in Subscriptions

If you were the typical kid growing up, you probably loved comic books as much as I did.  Of course, tastes and interests changed over time, and comic book sales have had a tough time for the past two decades - until now.  Recently, comic book and graphic novel sales In North America hit a 20-year high in reaching $935 million in 2014.  What’s driving it?  Much of it can be attributed to the subscription model.

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Marketing Digital Content: Old, New & Borrowed All at the Same Time

There’s a saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed” that applies profoundly to today’s content providers.

Last week’s launch of Apple Music put the spotlight on streaming music. Don’t get me wrong, streaming music services are nothing new with companies like Spotify and Pandora having been around for years. But, what has noticeably changed is the rapid rise of streamed songs, which have seen a 92 percent jump up to 135.2 billion streamed songs, according to a recent report from Nielsen. With that, the days of paid downloads appear to be numbered, and it was just only a few years ago before when music downloads spelled the end of CDs.

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Subscription Breeds Innovation

Consumer expectations are changing the way merchants run their business, and there’s no better example than Dish Network.  Dish CIO John Swieringa’s recent comments on how the company’s IT group “tries to be a source of innovation for the company, not just an IT shop”, highlights innovations occurring around the subscription model and the monetization of content.  The company has worked closely with Recurly to enable agile subscription billing for their exciting offerings at Sling TV.  And, in a short time, Dish’s approach to streaming video has seen great initial success with more than 250,000 sign ups.

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