Have a Discount and a Smile

What do stalwart American brand Coca-Cola and Internet upstart Groupon have in common? For both, their success is tied in some significant way to coupons.

For Coke, distributing printed coupons for a free Coke was one of the company’s initial and, at the time, innovative marketing strategies that helped launch the brand back in 1887. Eventually, 8.5 million coupons were redeemed. People tried the new distinctly flavored beverage and liked it, and Coke is now arguably the most-recognized brand in the world, sold in every country but one.

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Making the Most of Mobile This Holiday Season

E-commerce seems like it’s been around almost as long as personal computers have. Shopping is, after all, a national pastime, and online shopping is so much more convenient—we can do it at home, in our pajamas! So, it should come as no surprise that recent research, reported by eMarketer, indicates that e-commerce sales will outpace total retail growth this holiday season—with e-commerce growing at around 14% compared to overall retail growth rates of only 5.6%. And Q4 sales are projected to be 30% higher than Q3 due to all that holiday shopping.

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Subscriptions Are Changing the Way We Retail

Apple’s Upgrade subscription service just changed the way consumers approach big-ticket purchase decisions…and many retailers will surely follow suit.

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EMV is coming. Are you ready?

EMV is the new credit card technology finally coming to the US after many years of use in Europe. With an embedded microchip and associated security features, these new EMV cards are more resistant to fraud, in particular at Point of Sale (POS). Unfortunately, this means that nefarious types may shift their efforts to Card Not Present (CNP) fraud—as has happened in the past wherever EMV cards have been launched.

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You're invited to our webinar, “3 Quick Ways to Maximize Holiday Revenue”

Join Recurly’s CEO Dan Burkhart on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 10am PT, for a complimentary live webinar on maximizing holiday revenue. 

For e-retailers, the holidays are often a significant revenue driver and a time when businesses are expected to show year-over-year holiday growth. Recurly has put together this webinar to help e-retailers understand how a subscription model can help fuel growth, improve customer loyalty, and increase profitability during the upcoming holiday season.

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Recurly product update #3: Integrations

We know that integrations are important, so in the last of our three product update posts, we’re providing an update on the key integrations we’ve recently released and what we have on the horizon.

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Recurly Product Update #2: Payments

In our last post, we told you about the changes we’ve made or which are in process for some of our accounting and finance functions. In this post, we want to talk about some new and upcoming features in Payments.

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Join Recurly at RJ Metrics' Data Point Live Event

Recurly is pleased to announce our participation at RJ Metrics’ upcoming event, Data Point Live 2015, being held on October 1st in San Francisco.

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Growth and Productivity: What Iron, the Internet and Recurly Have in Common

This month marks Recurly’s “iron anniversary,” our sixth year in business. Iron was the foundation for the Industrial Revolution: the rise of heavy machinery made from iron transformed manufacturing methods through automation and other efficiencies. 

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Recurly Product Update: Accounting and Finance

Recurly works hard to anticipate our customers’ needs and to continually upgrade and improve our solutions to meet them. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been working on over the past few months and a preview of what we’re working on now.

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