Reduce Credit Card Declines with Automatic Retries and Dunning Techniques

For many merchants, the #1 feature of Recurly software is the ability to recover revenue and stop churn that would otherwise be lost to credit card declines. 

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PCI DSS 3.1 Standard Released with Immediate Effect

Image courtesy Infosecurity magazine

Recurly is working hard to help educate subscription billing companies about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - PCI DSS. We issued a white paper about PCI DSS V3.0, a recent, comprehensive update to the standard.

Now, right on its heels, PCI DSS Version 3.1 has been released. The new version is effective immediately, but some requirements are future-dated. Recurly customers and others will need to review their system implementations, third-party software, and Internet-connected hardware devices for compliance with the new release.

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Upcoming Changes to the Recurly UI

If you’ve been following the Recurly blog (or if you’re part of our beta testing group), you’ve heard about the ongoing UI Refresh Project. As we get closer to the full launch, we want to take a few minutes to explain what we’re doing and why.

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Identify 'Sneaky' Revenue Churn In Your Subscription Business

Understanding the true cost of subscriber churn is one of the most critical KPIs any SaaS business can measure. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify the ‘true’ cost of churn because customers churn in different ways.

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Tune In. Turn On Account Updater. Get More Revenue!

As I described last week, Recurly generates outstanding amounts of recovered revenue for our merchant customers. Account Updater is a key part of this capability. Recurly added Account Updater last May.

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How to Maximize Recovered Revenue in Recurly

Have you seen a lot of discussion on this site about recovered revenue? Recovered revenue is revenue that Recurly “saves” by automatically fixing credit card declines. How do we do it? That’s the subject of a series of blog posts I’ll be writing over the next few weeks.

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If You Only Knew - How Much Your Relative Churn Rate Matters

Churn is one of the most sensitive variables impacting the value of a subscription business. Your business is in a "drag race" with competitors to come out on top. How your churn rate differs from your competitors' can tell you a lot about the relative health of your business and theirs. 

Annuity revenue streams are made more or less attractive by the speed with which they ‘decay’. In the world of SaaS and other subscription models, this ‘decay’ is a powerful reflection of how well you are delivering a service that satisfies your customers over a period of time. Deliver a great product or service and your customers will stick around. If you don’t deliver, your customers leave, and your business becomes less efficient.

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Verizon Says “Holistic Approach” Needed for PCI Compliance

According to PricewaterhouseCooper, security incidents have grown an average of 66% per year for the last five years running. While breaches at retailers and entertainment companies make headlines, all kinds of organizations are affected.

So a new report from Verizon Enterprise should soon be found in the briefcases and backpacks of company managers around the world. The 2015 Verizon PCI Compliance Report says that only 20% of companies passed their interim PCI compliance test in 2014 – and that this low rate of compliance still represented a nearly 100% increase in interim compliance from the year before.

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How to Improve Subscription Renewal Rates

Hyper-targeted ‘lifecycle marketing’ promotions are well worth the effortMbaC2JdIkbvV5SlPoMrpZDowR10DqytXvngxIegdIggMonitoring your subscriber churn rate is a basic requirement for any subscription business. Managing the “flip side” of churn – your subscription renewal rate – is the next tactical function for any subscription business operator.

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Learning From Hulu's Subscription Cancellation Flow

After all of our postings on limiting customer churn, every subscription business must face the fact that your customers will choose to unsubscribe at some point. It happens. However, there are some simple things that can be done to influence the decision-making process as your customers choose to leave you.

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