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Live Webinar: Top 10 Trends for Subscription Success in 2017

In 2017, change will continue to be the only constant. Merely react and you may survive—but to move ahead, you’ll want to innovate.

Join subscription management expert Ben Bowler on Tuesday, January 31st at 10am PT / 1pm ET to discover the top trends impacting subscriptions in 2017—so you can start planning your own innovative strategies to:

  • Keep costly chargebacks at bay
  • Tap the right mobile payment platforms
  • Leverage changing consumption patterns, as consumers choose access over ownership
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The “Netflix Tax” Comes to More Municipalities

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The popularity of various forms of online digital entertainment—such as music, movies and games—has had one unintended consequence that is hitting cities where it hurt: in their budgets. Their response has been dubbed the “Netflix Tax” which we wrote about last December.

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Redesigned Hosted Payment Pages Now Support Gift Cards

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hosted payment pages

Recurly is pleased to announce two updates to our Hosted Payment Pages, coming on January 26th.

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Recurly’s Top Blog Posts of 2016

One of the nice things about starting a new year is that it offers an opportunity to reflect, and we thought it might be interesting to look at which blog posts from the past year got the most views. We were pleased to see how many clicks and shares some of our blog posts received!

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It’s a New Year – Are You Calculating CAC Correctly?

For subscription businesses, customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a key metric, the flip side to monthly recurring revenue. This is because it tells you how much each new customer, who generates that monthly revenue, cost to obtain. While essential, this metric and how you calculate it can be complicated. Get it wrong or calculate based on erroneous numbers, and your strategic decisions for growing your business could disappoint you and put your growth in jeopardy.

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How Recurly Calculates MRR: What Subscription Businesses Need to Know

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analytics metrics MRR

If you bill on a recurring basis, you likely already know the importance of tracking Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Recurly calculates this all-important subscription metric for your business as part of our Analytics offerings. While the MRR Analytics Report is the most viewed report in our product, it’s also the report that generates the most questions.

Knowing the importance this metric plays in your business, we want to be as clear and straightforward as possible about how Recurly Analytics MRR is calculated and what new calculation options are available to you so you can get the most value from this key metric.

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Best Practice Guidelines for Year-End Closing the Books

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Best Practices accounting finance

For consumers and retailers, the end of the year means holiday shopping, parties, eating too much, and sleeping too little. For another segment of the population, the end of the year heralds another less festive activity: closing the books.

An organization’s year-end closing procedures, the accuracy of the results and the insights they provide are vital to its long-term success and stability. Following are some best practice guidelines* to keep in mind when preparing to close the books, to help ensure a successful result.

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How Recurly Helps Digital Reach Fuel Company Growth

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Customer Case Studies

“A picture may speak a thousand words, but a good case study does the work of a thousand marketers!” ~ Anonymous

Recently, a customer of ours contacted us. His company, a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco, had been using Recurly since 2013. They liked our intuitive user interface, clear reporting and analytics, and how our subscription platform helps them to be more efficient and concentrate on growing their business instead of struggling with payments. As a matter of fact, this customer—Digital Reach—likes Recurly so much, they offered to do a case study on the benefits they get from using Recurly. We of course took them up on that offer as we love it when our customers want to toot our horn for us!

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Vroom, Vroom: Electric Cars, Now Via Subscription

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Regular readers of this blog will know that we frequently highlight new and unique subscription offerings as a way to demonstrate that many different kinds of products and services can and  are benefitting from a subscription model. We’ve discussed everything from luxury items such as high-end jewelry for $25,000 each shipment, to subscription airlines and legal services, movies, gym passess, and meals—all by subscription.

And today—subscription cars!

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Happy Holidays From Recurly!

As the holidays approach, Recurly would like to take this opportunity to wish our blog readers a peaceful and prosperous holiday season and best wishes for the coming year!

As we look back, 2016 was a very eventful year for us, with many new features and tools launched to support our customers’ subscription businesses. We have many big plans for 2017 as well, and we hope you’ll continue to check in, read our blog and other content, and know that there are many ways that Recurly can support you in your subscription growth and success.

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