Two Years with Recurly: From Beta to Maturity

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Guest blogger post brought you by Userlike, a Recurly customer providing live chat SaaS for websites.

We are Userlike, a Germany-based company offering live chat SaaS for websites. We’ve been using Recurly as our payment system ever since entering the market in 2012. With its flexibility and features we’ve been able to rapidly make the changes to our business model that were necessary to find the right market fit.

We started our company two years ago with a small team of four people. We first got in contact with Recurly when we were still in our Beta stage, in 2012.

At this time we were working hard towards a point where our software would be stable and feature-complete enough to ask money from our users. We had around 200 Beta users that were testing our tool, providing us with feature ideas, bug reports, and general feedback.

Quite a large section of these Beta testers were other SaaS providers, and it was one of these that referred us to Recurly.

We were already on the lookout for a payment solution, but nothing ideal had appeared to us yet. It proved not so easy to find a recurring billing solution that was flexible, easy, and tailored for SaaS providers.

We were at a point where we had limited development resources, an uncertain pricing model that might require some changes later on, and a product with the potential to grow rapidly in both domestic as well as international markets.

With Recurly, everything seemed to fall into place.

First of all, the fact that the payment pages were hosted by Recurly took a big load off of our shoulders. We are live chat professionals, not billing professionals. Not having to set up and host these pages saved our team a lot of time, work, and stress.

Secondly, Recurly made it easy to set up different types of subscription products. During the first 6 months after the end of our Beta we had to change our pricing model three times before finding the right fit. The flexible system of Recurly was a great help in this hectic period.

Another important feature that helped us in this process was the subscription reporting that we could access in the Recurly dashboard. Through it, we could clearly see which were our most successful and which were our most unsuccessful products. For example, we could see that the customer lifetime value of our smallest product was way too small to justify any marketing efforts. Combined with close customer contact, we used this info to reorganize our pricing and feature sets.

Also the coupon features were a big plus. Ever since our start we’ve been giving away special deals to, for example, other startups and non-profit organizations. Creating the necessary coupons for these deals is super easy with Recurly.

The final point of consideration was Recurly’s multi-currency support. Although our main market is Germany and Northern Europe, our customer base is quickly growing in the UK, US, and Australia as well, and being able to charge our users in their own currencies is important to us.

In summary, the flexibility of Recurly allowed us to make the necessary changes to get to the right market fit, and helped us to quickly spread our product in multiple countries.

Author: Pascal van Opzeeland, Marketing Manager at Userlike.

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