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The Importance of Multiple Gateways for Subscription Businesses

In a recent blog post, we discussed why it's important for subscription businesses to offer alternative payment methods like PayPal and Amazon Pay. Today, we’ll share aggregated data insights to show why merchants should consider using multiple payment gateways to grow their business.

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Why Offering Alternative Payment Methods is Important for Subscription Businesses

Has this ever happened to you? You’re shopping online and want to make a purchase. But when you try to pay for your item, the payment method that you want to use isn’t available, and so you abandon the purchase. This can happen particularly in international e-commerce, where shoppers prefer to use a payment method that’s not commonly used in the merchant’s location.

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Strategies to Understand Decline-Rate Data and Reduce Involuntary Churn

In our previous blog post, we summarized the common decline reasons for failed transactions and the messages that the gateway delivers. We also talked about Recurly’s Revenue Optimization Engine which helps recover failed transactions. In this blog, we want to discuss some strategies that subscription businesses can utilize to avoid payment failures in the first place.

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Credit & Debit Card Decline Messages: What They Mean and How Recurly Responds

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When businesses process a recurring payment using a credit or debit card, they know that a certain percentage of transactions will fail on the first payment attempt. Fortunately, the reason associated with each declined credit/debit card transaction can provide some insights.

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