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Subscription Commerce Cyber Monday Recap

Over the past number of years, Thanksgiving weekend has turned into an all-out ‘deal-apalooza’ with merchants offering discounts galore that begin earlier and earlier each year. Cyber Monday fell one week later this year, on December 2nd (compared to November 26th in 2018). This means consumers have only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get all their holiday shopping done. And subscription businesses too have a similarly compressed timeframe in which to make their revenue goals for the year.

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Why Pausing a Subscription Can Be a Powerful Retention Tactic

There comes a time when a subscriber may consider canceling a subscription. In fact, nearly 40% of subscribers of any service type​ cancel. More than a third cancel in less than three months, and over half cancel within six, according to a study by McKinsey and Co. So, how can you get subscribers to stick around? Instead of allowing subscribers to churn, you can retain them by enabling them to pause their subscription. 

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