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Teaming Up with Avalara to Make Streaming Taxes More Streamlined

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Tax Avalara Streaming Media

It’s no secret that streaming services have completely changed the way many Americans consume media. For years, consumers have been shifting away from purchasing one-off movies, shows, and songs — or getting most of their entertainment from a cable TV package — and instead subscribing to services like Netflix and Disney+. With COVID-19 forcing millions of consumers to stay home, these trends have only accelerated in 2020.

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Snowflake + Recurly: A Match Made in the Cloud

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data Snowflake

It’s no secret that companies of all sizes and in every industry consider data a must-have. If you’re able to take full advantage of the data you have on hand, you can gain deeper insights into the state of the business, make better decisions at a faster clip, and increase your operational efficiency.

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Refresh Cards Anytime with Account Updater Support for American Express

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Account Updater American Express

There are many ways Recurly helps subscription businesses recover revenue after a transaction fails.

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Your Subscription Business Tech Stack Needs More than Just a Gateway: Here’s Why

Every merchant’s #1 priority is reliably getting paid for the goods and services they sell. In order for merchants to collect payment, they need a gateway to help validate a payment action (for instance, the swipe of a credit card) and facilitate the transfer of money from the customer to the merchant’s bank account.

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Ruff Times Before Recurly: How PupBox Fought Churn with Pricing Flexibility

PupBox — like many of its puppy customers — was facing growing pains.

No, there wasn’t any shortage of adorable consumers: the subscription box for puppies (and their human owners) has been a hit since 2013. 

But PupBox did face high churn rates due to its inability to offer subscribers an incentive to sign up for longer-term plans.

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Streamlining Growth and Automating Processes: The Pipefy Story

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Customer Case Studies SaaS Pipefy

“Doers drive change. We empower them.” -- Pipefy video

These six words succinctly describe Pipefy’s mission: to make work easier and faster through workflow automation and organization. Since Pipefy launched in 2015, companies like Volvo, Wipro, Capgemini, and IBM have embraced Pipefy’s powerful platform. Today, Pipefy is used by doers in over 215 countries.

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How LiveChat Grew Revenue and Increased Customer Happiness With Recurly

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Customer Case Studies LiveChat

We’ve all seen those little chat icons that pop up at the bottom of countless web pages, asking if you need any help or want to chat with customer support. 

As it turns out, there’s more to chat support than meets the eye. LiveChat, one of the pioneering providers of online customer service software, has been assembling a complete customer service platform since 2002 in order to help over 30,000 companies manage tickets, create AI chatbots, and keep knowledge in a single place.

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