How Over-The-Top Services Came Out On Top

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Industry_Voices-01.pngRecently, PYMNTS spoke to Recurly’s CEO Dan Burkhart about the incredibly dynamic and increasingly dominant business of Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming services. These companies have been disrupting the more traditional services, such as broadcast cable TV, for several years now, becoming “the new normal” for an increasingly broad audience and consumer segment. However, as the article notes, “the competition is fierce, and consumers are fickle.”

So, how can these companies protect and solidify their gains when there are so many competitors jumping in and seeking market share? How can they maintain their innovative edge as the market continually changes and evolves? Things like a broad selection of compelling content, including must-see original shows and movies, along with live-streamed events certainly have given OTT services an undeniable edge. But what else are OTT services doing to maintain their competitive edge and what challenges do they face?

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