Key Metrics for Subscription Commerce: Defining Our Terms

Recurly_Resources-01.pngWe’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” and here at Recurly we do a lot to support our customers’ ability to track and measure the progress of their subscription commerce initiatives. We launched Recurly Analytics last year to provide even better reporting and the key analytic insights that our customers can use to optimize their business. And we’re continually working to add new reports to this feature set. Look for a blog at the end of the month for more on this!

But while we and others may talk a lot about key metrics, something else is clear: it’s difficult to discuss that which you haven’t defined. So, in the spirit of defining our terms, we’ve put together a page that lists the key metrics that every subscription business should monitor and measure, along with an explanation of what the metric means and how it’s calculated. For example, this page includes such metrics as MRR, MRR Growth, ARPC, CAC, and many others with which you are likely familiar—and some which you may not be.

For any business seeking to succeed, metrics provide crucial insights based on objective data. This data is the key to making the decisions that will support a business’ strong and continued growth.

Visit our new subscription metrics page here.


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