Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report

Subscription Billing Benchmark Report 

The unique challenges that come with a subscription business are many. From churn and decline rates to revenue recovery, the obstacles are all too real. Recurly is in the business of making subscriptions a competitive advantage for our merchants and to this end, our business analysts and data scientists at Recurly Research have compiled a comprehensive set of subscription billing metrics in our Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report. 

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Sell Items in Recurring Subscriptions With the Recurly Item Catalog

Following our Q1 release of the Recurly Item Catalog for easier management of your product and service offerings, we’re thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our catalog functionality.

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Subscriber Retention and Understanding Involuntary vs. Voluntary Churn

The Importance of Churn

Every e-commerce site should be aware of the importance of churn, and how devastating it can be on a business. Measuring and reducing churn is paramount to successfully scaling your company. While reducing churn is easier said than done, there are standard measures you can take to help reduce it. Fundamentally, churn boils down to your product - how sticky it is and how robust your offering is compared to others in the space. It also has to do with your industry. Some segments, like box of the month, experience higher churn 10.54% than SaaS, which hovers around 4.79%.  

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Hosted Payment Page Upgrades

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Product Update Payments hosted payment pages

At Recurly, we're always working behind the scenes to provide a better user experience for our merchants. Sometimes that comes in the form of a new product or feature release and other times, it comes in the form of a bug fix or an improvement to an existing product or feature. Sometimes, it simply means sprucing up a design aesthetic that's become a tad outdated. It’s been a long time coming and today, we’re happy to announce some upgrades to our existing HPP (Hosted Payment Pages). 

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Managing Subscriber Churn During The Downturn

The disruptive force of the COVID-19 pandemic generated 17 million U.S. unemployment claims by mid-April, with the unemployment rate hovering near 15 percent — the highest since WWII. Record-setting workforce displacement and sluggish government response has left tens of millions of people virtually without funds and having to decide between wants and needs.

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Brand Design in the World of Fintech

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Design branding visual design

As designers, we are in charge of our brand's first impression and it’s our responsibility to build trust with our users through consistent brand experiences. This is especially important when designing for the Fintech space, given the sensitivity of the data with which we're entrusted. Many of our challenges as designers are common across industries, but I have found that designing for Fintech has its own unique problems to solve. In this post, we'll highlight some of those challenges and share some quick insights into how to best navigate designing for this industry.

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How Gift Cards and Plans Can Help Acquire New Subscribers

In the past, we’ve shared how gift cards and plans can help you acquire new subscribers. Today, in the midst of COVID-19, gift cards and plans are as important as ever to help you acquire subscribers and retain the ones you already have.

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Hard Lessons Learned in the Land of the Free(mium)

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SaaS cardless free trials

Freemium has become a massively popular business model in SaaS in the last few years.

While it can look like the secret ingredient to success for many businesses, it doesn’t work for everyone. 

In this post, we’ll share how the team at Qwilr tried freemium, what happened, and what they learned.  

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How Pausing & Postponing Subscriptions Can Retain Subscribers in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has penetrated nearly every aspect of our lives and there is no precedence or template for how to respond to this ever-changing situation. Consumers are challenged with layoffs, shelter in place and quarantine orders, plus struggling with how to work from home while juggling the needs of their daily lives.

Showing empathy and providing flexible access to your products and services is critical right now. 

In this post, we’ll provide two highly effective options to help retain subscribers in these uncertain times: pause a subscription and postpone a subscription.

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Broaden Global Expansion with Increased Currency Support from Recurly


As businesses grow, moving beyond their home locale is often one of the milestones of expansion. Global expansion often requires a considerable amount of planning including research into regions and payment methods best suited for a business’s needs as well as evaluating and choosing the right partners to help them achieve these goals. As a leader in subscription billing and management, Recurly supports these needs by adding partner integrations that enable merchants to unlock new regions to acquire and delight customers.

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