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Blog_ProductUpdates_r1_V3Recurly works hard to anticipate our customers’ needs and to continually upgrade and improve our solutions to meet them. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been working on over the past few months and a preview of what we’re working on now.

We have seen great adoption of our tax feature, which uses an integration with Avalara’s AvaTax service to calculate and apply the right sales taxes to the right charges. Since adding support for VAT at the end of last year, we have been hard at work making the feature even better by giving you more control over when to block signups because of tax issues, improving how we handle errors, and other small tweaks that add up to make our service awesome!
When you do a refund, it’s useful to be able to link the refund to the original purchase. We updated the Payment History section of the invoice to now reference any related invoices. From the invoice, you can then navigate to details about the related transactions.

Invoice Billing
The more customers you have, the more likely you are to run into customers who want to pay their invoice manually. Our invoice billing feature allows you to do that, and now you can test out the feature in your sandbox site!

Export Enhancements
To help make exports more useful and reduce the amount of work you need to do to combine data sets, we have been gradually adding new data to the most commonly used exports. We will continue to iterate on our exports to make them better, using your feedback as a guide for what is most important for us to work on. 

What We're Working On Now

We are working to add a host of new features to our coupons functionality. Expect to see support for the ability to create many unique codes associated with one coupon, to associate a coupon with a specific subscription, limit the number of coupon redemptions per account, apply multiple coupons to an account, edit a coupon, and much more!

NetSuite Integration
We see more and more of our customers projected to grow to a size where using NetSuite for accounting purposes makes sense. So, we want to be ready for you by making sure you can integrate NetSuite and Recurly so that your billing and accounting systems are in sync.  If you’re interested in joining our beta program, please contact us.

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