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Recurly_in_the_News-01.pngRecently, Recurly’s CEO Dan Burkhart spoke to Harry Stebbings, host of “The Official Saastr Podcast.” They discussed a variety of topics in this wide-ranging 25-minute interview, including Dan’s background at eBay and how he came to be a co-founder of Recurly, along with Isaac Hall. He talked about what their “Aha!” moment was in meeting the challenges posed by recurring billing, specifically how providing visibility into customer events is a key aspect of effective customer acquisition.  

The topic of churn came up in the form of a question from Stebbings on “regrettable and non-regrettable customer churn.” Dan addressed the "blame game" and how conducting a post-mortem analysis can provide helpful answers, especially when combined with good data.

The discussion touched on the importance of an effective Customer Success team and what the “inflexion point” is that may lead a company to decide that they need to add this skillset to their mix.

Finally, in Stebbings’ customary “Sixty Second” Question” format, Dan gives his thoughts, in sixty seconds or less, on questions around intellectual honesty; favorite SaaS books or blogs; and what makes for good UX design.

The podcast is available via iTunes. Listen to it here. Look for the podcast dated 4/7/2017 entitled “SaaStr 111: How To Build & Scale A Customer Success Team ... with Dan Burkhart.


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