Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report

Subscription Billing Benchmark Report 

The unique challenges that come with a subscription business are many. From churn and decline rates to revenue recovery, the obstacles are all too real. Recurly is in the business of making subscriptions a competitive advantage for our merchants and to this end, our business analysts and data scientists at Recurly Research have compiled a comprehensive set of subscription billing metrics in our Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report. 

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Recurly’s Account Updater Fights Churn in the Background

Failed transactions are an everyday part of e-commerce. As a merchant, the last thing you want to see is the error message ‘card declined.’ On average, B2C and B2B can expect a failed transaction rate of approximately 11.5%. One of the most common decline reasons is outdated card information. That’s an enormous amount of revenue left on the table for such an easy issue to fix. 

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How Recurly Uses Machine Learning to Reduce Transaction Declines

One of the significant benefits of subscription commerce is the amount of data and related insights this model generates compared to one-time purchases. New data related to marketing, payments, and customer lifecycle events is generated regularly, at each new billing cycle. This data is invaluable for gaining insights and making decisions that help you to optimize your business.

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A CFO’s Guide to Maximizing Subscription Revenue Webinar

Most CFOs would agree, there's a lot to like about subscriptions - from predictable, compounding revenue to deep, long-term customer relationships. However, nothing jeopardizes subscription profits faster than involuntary churn due to failed payments.

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Research Gives Insights on Recurring Invoice Recoveries Over Several Segments

In a previous blog, we talked about how Recurly’s machine learning models help recover recurring invoices which initially failed and had entered the dunning process. Today, we want to share some analysis on the recovery rate for such invoices. Knowing what recovery rates are typical for your business allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your dunning strategy and make improvements as necessary.

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Strategies to Understand Decline-Rate Data and Reduce Involuntary Churn

In our previous blog post, we summarized the common decline reasons for failed transactions and the messages that the gateway delivers. We also talked about Recurly’s Revenue Optimization Engine which helps recover failed transactions. In this blog, we want to discuss some strategies that subscription businesses can utilize to avoid payment failures in the first place.

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Revenue Optimization Engine’s New Machine Learning Model Improves Prediction Accuracy

In a previous blog post, we talked about how Recurly uses machine learning to optimize subscription billing for our customers and prevent involuntary churn. As part of our goal to help our customers maximize their subscription revenue, we introduced the Revenue Optimization Engine in 2018. When a recurring transaction fails, this technology creates a customized retry schedule, so subsequent retries of that transaction have a higher chance of succeeding. This technology is driven by machine learning which relies on models based on Recurly’s incredible breadth of historical subscription data which identifies factors that are highly correlated with successful transaction processing.

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Credit & Debit Card Decline Messages: What They Mean and How Recurly Responds

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decline management

When businesses process a recurring payment using a credit or debit card, they know that a certain percentage of transactions will fail on the first payment attempt. Fortunately, the reason associated with each declined credit/debit card transaction can provide some insights.

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Improve Transaction Success With Recurly’s Account Updater

If you’re an e-commerce business, two of the most dreaded words you’ll hear are “card declined.” When a credit (or debit) card is declined, the sale can’t go through and you don’t earn that revenue. If you’re a subscription business processing a recurring payment, a declined card can also result in involuntary subscriber churn.

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Improve Transaction Success Rates and Reduce Churn With Recurly’s Revenue Optimization Engine

Every subscription business encounters credit card declines. These declines increase churn, reduce your revenue, and can negatively impact your subscriber relationships. But, with the right subscription management platform, you can minimize their impact.

Recurly has the advantage of working with thousands of subscription businesses which come from a wide range of industries. Many of these are ‘high-velocity’ businesses with large subscriber bases generating high transaction volumes annually. This gives us access to hundreds of millions of data points that encompass billions of attributes from many different types of companies in both B2B and B2C categories.

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