How Gift Cards and Plans Can Help Acquire New Subscribers

In the past, we’ve shared how gift cards and plans can help you acquire new subscribers. Today, in the midst of COVID-19, gift cards and plans are as important as ever to help you acquire subscribers and retain the ones you already have.

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Spreading Good Cheer Through Subscriptions This Holiday Season

That time of year is approaching, when sleigh bells are rung, dreidels spun—and retailers look forward to making their revenue numbers for the year. 

For retailers and shoppers alike, the holiday season officially kicks off on Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday, an even more popular shopping day. Last year, 67 million shoppers stole time away from work to make a dent in their holiday gift list on Cyber Monday. Overall, online purchases account for around 20% of holiday sales. 

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Recurly’s Promotional Toolkit Supports Subscriber Acquisition and Retention

Subscription businesses, like any other business, need to continually attract new customers—and of course, keep their existing customers happy. When businesses exceed all expectations, they may find themselves lauded in the trade press over these results, as AMC Theaters and Spotify were recently. AMC’s Stubs A-List movie ticket subscription service reported signing up over 900,000 subscribers last quarter, just 100,000 short of its one-year goal. Spotify reported reaching 108 million premium subscribers in Q2, representing a 31% increase year-over-year. 

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How Recurly Helps You Acquire New Subscribers

To be successful, subscription businesses need to retain subscribers and continually attract new ones. This is true for both the smallest startup and the largest enterprise. Recurly provides a number of tools to support our customers’ efforts to gain new subscribers.

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On Beer, Germany, and the Importance of Customer Retention

Recently, we wrote a blog that involved a London pub’s innovation in beer drinking that enabled a friction-free experience for its customers during the busy holiday season. The goal of course of frictionless commerce is to make it easier for your customers to shop, pay, and receive their purchases, and in return, you’ll gain more customers and sell more of whatever it is you offer, from beer to business services.

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How to Leverage Your Existing Subscribers to Acquire More

In our previous post in this series, we talked about using data to identify your most profitable subscribers and the metrics to measure campaign and channel profitability. In this post, we’ll focus on how you can leverage your existing subscribers to acquire more.  

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For the Love of Retail, This Valentine’s Day

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Various statistics from the 2016 holiday season show that retailers’ holidays were bright, with strong sales both in-store and online. For example, a recent article from eMarketer highlighted data from Retail Metrics which showed overall holiday spending likely rose 4%. Similarly, retail consulting firm Conlumino’s data showed total holiday sales rose 3.8% to $196.1 billion—the biggest growth since 2011—led by a 17.1% increase in online spending.

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Recurly Gift Subscriptions: a Smart Customer Acquisition Strategy

Gift Subscription is not just a holiday buzzword for subscription businesses, it’s a smart customer acquisition strategy. Using the psychology of ‘social proof,’ a gift subscription given between friends or loved ones puts the gifter’s stamp of approval on the product or service, making the recipient more likely to use the gift and convert to a paying customer.

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Live Webinar: Powerful (and Profitable) Holiday Promotions That Drive Subscribers

This is the time when many marketers turn their attention to holiday promotions, to make the most of the revenue opportunities during this most wonderful time of the year. In this informative webinar, we’ll share the secrets of how subscription businesses can build powerful—and profitable—holiday promotions that drive revenue now and continue to grow their subscriber base in the new year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2016
10am PT / 1pm ET

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