Recurly Research: Subscription Trends and Benchmarks That Provide Insights for Your Business

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Recurly Research

Most business decisions are driven by data. With a wide range of customers in multiple industries using Recurly, we have enviable visibility into comprehensive subscription data within our platform which gives us a unique perspective. Using this data—which we’ve aggregated and anonymized—we’ve compiled a variety of reports which provide meaningful, actionable insights which you can apply to your subscription business.

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Comparative Churn Data to Gauge the Health of Your Business

Because it can so negatively impact monthly recurring revenue, customer churn is something that subscription businesses take very seriously. Churn is an important concern as it takes away from the hard-fought efforts to acquire and retain customers. Because of this impact on revenue and subscriber numbers, a subscription business’ monthly churn rate is an indicator of the health of the business, and it should be monitored closely.

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